Notary’s practice in Israeli law

Our team will be fully able to receive any act and/or contract in order to authenticate it


With recognized expertise in French and Israeli laws and as a result of constantly growing international demand, the law office ABITBOL & ASSOCIES has decided to broaden its area of ​​expertise and now offers to all of its customers a pole entirely dedicated to the Israeli notarial profession.

Médiation Arbitrage France-Israel

As such, our team will be fully able to receive any act and/or contract in order to authenticate it. Thus, our law office is entitled to certify the conformity of a copy of an original document, a matrimonial agreement between spouses or a will, to authenticate the signature of a legal document, such as a power of attorney for the purpose of taking action or even to certify all translations in French, Hebrew or English.

As a reminder, the legalization of a signature is used to authenticate a signature when it is affixed to an act that has been written and signed without the presence of a notary.

In addition, our customers will benefit from a Notarial Acts Service, which allows, in particular, any diligence in matters of notarial signature in relation to any document emanating from both Israel and abroad, including the apostille mention.

Finally, our law office has a team of qualified lawyers working in French, English, and Hebrew, and consequently will be perfectly able to translate any legal document such as:

  • University diploma, baccalaureate, and any other state diploma;
  • Birth certificate and / or any civil status document;
  • Certificate of custom, Certificate of authenticity of copy, Marriage contract, Notarial will Notarial life certificate, Inventory certified by a Notary

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What documents are required to be notarized in Israel?

Exemple of the general power of attorney

According to the Israeli law in force, a general power of attorney established between private persons must be notarized. In other words, the signature of the person granting the power must be endorsed with notarial certification, failing which this power of attorney will have no legal effect.




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