While ensuring strict respect to ethical rules, our firm wishes to share its vision of the legal practice, oriented towards flexibility, use of technology and optimal database security.

In line with this motto, we have launched  a department dedicated to “Legal Process Outsourcing” for the French legal professionals, corporate legal departments. and law firms.

One of the main aspects of this innovative legal practice is in respect to the step-by-step treatment of some legal tasks. To achieve this goal, we built dedicated teams of lawyers and paralegals and invested in technology and organizational software, in order to optimize costs and delivery times while ensuring a quality of work for the legal departments.

This new method is already implemented in Anglo-Saxon countries and has been proven successful. Many reports and studies –notably the one conducted by DayOne and Deloitte in 2011 – note the future expansion of the LPO trend to France. Anglo-Saxon companies and law firms that already use LPO save 30% to 50% of their costs.

Nowadays, LPO is booming in France and in Israël. With this in mind, we want to bring our experience in this field to our clients.

Please click below to get more details about our French LPO services :

Gestion de la propriété intellectuelle                Gestion de contrats et Révision de documents

Gestion de la Propriété intellectuelle et industrielle - LPO                                                             

Maintenance juridique des logiciels                                        Secrétariat juridique d’entreprises

Gestion de contrats et Révision de documents                                                                Secrétariat juridique d'entreprises