Invest abroad

You are a foreign investor wishing to set up in Israel

The Israeli market is very different from the French one, more liberal. Indeed, the economic policy is nowadays largely focused on the development of foreign companies on its territory.

Thanks to its expertise in corporate law, our firm assists its clients during every step, from the single legal advice to the administrative registration of the company. Because the legal requirements and the procedures of recording must be done in Hebrew, a translation service is also provided with a notarial attestation.

All foreign companies wishing to develop business segments in the Israeli market must be registered in accordance with the Israeli requirements, which imply certain particularities.

Abitbol & Associés is permanently in contact with its Israeli interlocutors (Ministry of integration, Ministry of industry, Ministry of transportations…) thus regularly providing legal monitoring to the foreign companies which can benefit of subsidies and aids for their implantation in Israel.

You are a person wishing to live in Israel or to make “Alya”

Apart from the challenges of the new language and culture, settling down in Israel may require particular administrative processes which can require legal advice.

Abitbol & Associés provides French expatriates or future immigrants a legal assistance adapted to their professional or personal needs, in order to facilitate their installation, whether temporary or permanent.