Family law and international successions

Thanks to our experience in international law, we are able to intervene in all the fields of family law and successions, particularly when there are cross-border factors.

No matter where the proceedings take place, whether in France or in Israel, the firm systematically mobilizes a dedicated team to work in cooperation with our peers and notaries from both countries (record of wills, donations, research of heirs, court-ordered appraisal, liquidation…)

Our philosophy is to facilitate transaction agreements as much as possible in order to avoid long proceedings, which tend to be expensive and distressful to people.

Marriage contracts

• Adoptions

• National and international divorces (Concerning this field, our firm can handle the French law as well as the complexity of the Israeli proceedings, including the rules on civil and religious jurisdictions)

• Settling of the various aspects of divorce (alimony, custody arrangements, compensatory allowance, “guet”, access issues…)

• Successions and will drafting

• International successions